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residential + commercial architecture

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B. W. Smith Designs offers residential and commercial architectural design services customized to your needs.

Our process utilizes technology and 3d design tools to help develop and visualize your project from start to finish.



In this phase, we begin the process of translating the Program into an efficient building design. This is when we start exploring design concepts; it is the time for testing options and getting a general idea of the look and feel. The floor plans and shape of the project will begin to take form.  we present ideas to our clients using images of other projects, sketch plans, and 3D models to help visualize the size, shape, and relationship of spaces to each other. 


During Design Development, we advance the design significantly based on the floor plan and exterior concept approved in the previous phase. By the end of the Design Development phase, the building exterior will be more fully designed, the interior layout completed, dimensions of all spaces finalized, and most materials selected. 


In this phase we develop the Design Drawings into a thorough and precise set of Construction Documents. These drawings and specifications have details, dimensions, and notes necessary to communicate the entire design intent to the builder. 


During this phase we visit the jobsite at regular intervals to answer questions from the builder and proactively address potential issues. The frequency of our site visits could be weekly or monthly depending on the project and your needs, but it is vital to have us keeping an eye on things to ensure the finished project meets your expectations.  During Construction Administration, the architect’s role is advisor to the owner.

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